Vintage Indie Magazine Interview

Let’s get to the nitty gritty…  Just who is this cute tail-less poodle?  And are you interested in how my mom bribed me into memorizing famous painters?  Or maybe you want suggestions on making your first piece of art?  Click HERE  for my interview with Vintage Indie Magazine.


3 Comments on “Vintage Indie Magazine Interview”

  1. Hello,
    Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for One Lovely Blogger Award.
    Check it out

  2. Miss Leighton YORK says:

    Hello, I love the chosen font style of your website. Do you have any Asian heritage since the name of POON is actually chineze in origin ? Very subtle. Miss Leighton YORK (The real Ann Yin Ling POON) from Qld Australia. Time now is 944pm Aest 26 March 14

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