Hex Nut Friendship Bracelet Tutorial in Neon

Here is a revised version of the Hex Nut Friendship bracelet that works for women and men.  I designed this version and my sis made it for herself.  For instructions see the previous entry of the men’s bracelet tutorial.  But this time, use neon ‘Mason Line’ from the hardware store and smaller nuts, this time out of zinc  #8-32.  It comes in flourescent yellow and pink.  All available at Home Depot.  Be sure to tie the ends with tape while you are working, and to double up the strands on this bracelet so the nuts are not too chunky for the thin string.   I have to say it is a bit slippery once tied so you have to tie the large knot first, then tie the individual strands in mini knots with eachother for a secure fit.  Remember to leave extra line to tie around your wrist once again after the bracelet goes around.  Just looks good that way!


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