Welcome dear readers!

I am so happy to have been featured on http://cladintights.blogspot.com as the….

Easter Blogger!  Thanks to Julie and Lara for the invitation:-)  They saw me as a budding writer chomping at the bit and thought it was definitely time to turn me loose on their site.  Over at “Clad in Tights” you can finally solve your nagging questions like: what do art, film, poetry, fiction, church, lipstick, hip-hop, cooking, mothering, rock n’ roll, provo, cake shop, the east village, the locust salon, debbie harry, nicki minaj, the party bun, feminism, and dolly parton all have to do with our beloved legwear, the tight?  Head on over there to get the dirt on my own tights, some personal info I wouldn’t think of sharing here, and find out why I spend so much time on Netflix…


4 Comments on “Welcome dear readers!”

  1. the girls in tights are THRILLED to have you on the blog!

  2. Mary says:

    I remember that I gifted you legwarmers for your 30th bday. What was I thinking??

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