My Little Workshop

No mom I did not clean my room today!  In the corner is my staging area where I take photos of my furniture sculptures.  (On that little pink piece of felt.)

I stare at these little studio friends all day.  The little red riding hood hides away the evil queen under her skirt.  I played with that doll as a little girl and finally collected her from my oldest sister who was throwing her away!  The bunny is from a dollar store.  I love it because it has a psychadelic third eye and too much eye makeup.  Just who was that person whose job it was to paint these bunnies?  Pinnochio is from Bali.  Happily this marionette has no strings 🙂  Mr. Droopy dog is from a thrift store in Provo, Utah.  He’s very very old.  His hat, eyes, and collar were once brightly colored.  The strange wooden angel is by a favorite outside artist, Howard Finster.  And that white Puppy is… well he’s Puppy!  100% homemade!  And his nose was once a big pom pom that I shaved down till it couldn’t get any smaller.  Check him out in my ‘Comics’ section.


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