My husband binge ironed sixteen dress shirts yesterday.

I thought he deserved an award for his incredible stick-to-itiveness!

My husband ironed sixteen dress shirts yesterday. I thought he deserved an award for his incredible stick-to-itiveness


I’m falling for Puppy!

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.45.38 PM

Is He the Only One?

Puppy Celery

Puppy likes to talk on the phone!

Oh Puppy iphone case

Cartoon iphone case by AnniePoon*

Hi friends and family! This cute bright phone case design features Puppy of course! It is a visual daydream in which he goes through some of his many incartations- the mountain guru, the breakdancer, the avid reader, breakfast afficionado, and the lopsided muscle man! His nemesis Mr. Fancy Crocodile is even featured but you will have to examine it in person to find him (mwah ha ha)!

My Dream of Reason

My Dream of Reason

So here’s a peek at a very exciting project- I am going to share some guts of a very special sketchbook, my FAVORITE one. It was created when I was working on my longest animation, The Book of Visions. Here is a concept sketch for that movie. Who doesn’t have demons? Mine are all inside here. Coming to my Etsy shop in July.

Creative Animation Workshop

Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 4.43.19 PM

Come little chickens and learn to animate in paper! Stop motion is an immediate, inexpensive, and satisfying way to express yourself, with great potential for off the cuff humorous improvisation and daring narratives. Let’s journey together into your boiling imagination and see what we can pull out together! Summer Snow is bringing a new season of Masterclasses to the gorgeous Sanpete Valley and I want to invite you to be in my class. There will be two weeks of art workshops in disciplines ranging from traditional oil painting to bookmaking, printmaking and of course animation. Workshop dates: June 16-20th. See for more details.

Storybook Illustration: Go to Bed Ted

Here are some storybook pages from my latest piece ‘Go to Bed Ted’. It was illustrated for a friend of mine who, like me, still sleeps with his teddy bear. I secretly found out all his favorite things to do and incorporated them into the story. In this book, a little boy named Chris spends one long night awake going from one silly caper to the next, trying to make himself sleepy. And there’s Ted through it all, doing his best to keep up with all the fun! This book was a surprise. I am the WORST at keeping surprises but somehow Chris had no idea there was a book on the way, even when he was unwrapping it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.10.15 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.10.41 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.10.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.10.56 PM


‘So Much’ A Children’s Book

Here are some illustrations from a children’s book I got to illustrate, ‘So Much’. It’s about a baby owl’s sweet bond with her mother. In this book, the baby realizes just why she loves her mommy ‘so much’. This was a private project to celebrate my friend’s first little baby. I used colors similar to my ‘Oh Puppy’ comics.

Spread 7 snuggle so much

This scene is inspired by ‘scripture time’ when all my siblings would crawl into my parent’s bed each morning. It was about learning but mostly about snoozing and being cozy with Mom and Dad.

Spread 10 dance so much

This particular dancing scene is inspired by my favorite Matisse painting, Dance. Spread 4 Laugh so much This scene is inspired by my years of babysitting! Just hours and hours of playing with little infinks. I had those alphabet blocks as a kid. Also there is something magical to me about a big chest of toys. Looks like a dress-up box to me! There’s probably a princess outfit and a pirate hat in there… Also I love putting mice and spiders in my illustrations.  Tiny details for kids to discover and point to with their little pudgy fingers.

This last illustration reminds me of my paper cut-out animations. I love the shadows behind the Valentine window and the smiling little heart. Home can be a heaven on earth when love and harmony abound.

The Shiny Bicycle

My latest animation, produced by Nicole Anderson and Chinkara Singh Guidry for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is a true story and was a perfect opportunity for a learning moment. I have always wanted to work with the church so I was soooo excited to get to do this! My favorite part is the voice at the very end… I won’t be a spoiler!

The Easter Surprise

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 4.07.29 PM

Happy Easter!  Enjoy this little animation made with friend Chris Uphues.

Mormon Women Project interview

Click HERE for the full interviewScreen Shot 2013-02-18 at 3.56.30 PM

Click HERE for the full interview

by Neylan McBaine

Love is: Letting Him Win

12. Letting him Win

Love is: For Cuddlers

9.For Cuddlers

Love Is: Waiting for her… for years

8.Waiting for her

Love is: Sometimes Inconvenient


Love is: A fluffy feeling

Love is…

5.NotMindingFlatmore Puppy Fun at ‘’

The Little Friends Gallery




O Productions Press is publishing an iBook about Puppy’s Super Delicious Valentine’s Day Biscuits this February!  In the next few days it will come out, so I will let you know.  It will have a story, a movie, and two ‘how to draw’ tutorials, and printable Valentines!!!  In the meantime here are some little friends’ drawings by children who tested out the drawing tutorials…


For more Puppy and Valentine’s day fun, go to ‘’

5_sm Puppy drawingsChambers

O Productions Press is publishing an iBook about Puppy’s Super Delicious Valentine’s Day Biscuits this February!  In the next few days it will come out, so I will let you know.  It will have a story, a movie, and two ‘how to draw’ tutorials, and printable Valentines!!!  In the meantime here are some little friends’ drawings by children who tested out the drawing tutorials…

For more Puppy and Valentine’s day fun, go to ‘’

Puppy wants to help you keep your resolution!



Puppy wants to help you make your New Year’s Resolutions! This poster has an inspirational original poem that will help you simplify your goal down to ONE and record it in a place you can see and reflect on it throughout the year!

The poem reads:
At last! At last! The year is new!
A time to change our point of view!
If what we’re doing hasn’t worked,
and goals from last year have been shirked,
Then let’s be wise and simplify
our lofty aims that scrape the sky!
Simplicity is elegance;
To just one goal give deference.
Strike up the chorus! Start the band!
Let’s start with ONE but make it grand!
No fears will keep us from our fate,
2013 will be GREAT!

The size is 9″x13″.
Signed on back.

Printed on Moab Bright Archival Entrada Rag Paper. The ink is fade proof, Epson Ultra Chrome K3 archival. It is printed with and Epson Stylus Photo R3000 printer for highly nuanced color and detail. Available here on ETSY.

Nutcracker Christmas Cards

Hello friends!  I know it’s getting awfully close to Christmas, but I couldn’t help making these Nutcracker Christmas cards now available on ETSY.  They are inspired by the fierce Nutcrackers my dad put over our mantel every year that couldn’t seem to crack nuts.  I think I might have broken one trying!  Each nutcracker has his own personality and will escort you on an imaginary journey into the heart of Christmas.  Blank on the inside.  Comes with envelope.

You can buy individually or as a pack of six.  And just in my defense, a lot of Christmas cards don’t get opened exactly by Christmas morning… so I bet they could still squeeze into the mailbox on time!

nutcracker christmas cards

GreenDwarfNutcrack001 GreenTargetHatNutcracker001 pink nutcracker001 RedCapeNutcrack001 RedKingRoyalNutcrack001 SadPopeHatNutcrack001

BYU Exhibit: We Could be Heroes

To all my friends in Utah!  Below is my installation view sketch… BYU was nice enough to find me a ratty old seventies couch to use.  I’m going to put my favorite teddy bear that I sleep with on the couch.

Christmas Cuddles

This gif was made in collaboration with Chris Uphues. The heart’s little Santa hat kept falling off!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Animated Short: Die Wicked Die: Laban

The young Nephi sneaks into Jerusalem to claim the golden plates. On his way he must take out a troublesome relative who opposes his plan. Based on the story from the Book of Mormon.

Click on the image to watch the video.

Character Design: Laban


Skillcrush Feature! The Year of the Dog


Skillcrush was created by two friends of mine who are dedicated to empowering women by teaching them to use technology.

Click HERE to read the extensive feature on Puppy and I that Skillcrush created for their newsletter. In it I answer questions about how to keep that ‘homemade’ feel to your work and also talk about inspirations/aspirations  Curious?  Click below to read more!

Then leave a comment and let me know how social media and the web have helped your practice…

Screening Announcement: Museum of Modern Art

This is just to let you know the details of my screening at the Museum of Modern Art.  The museum will be showing ‘Runaway Bathtub’ from their collection on December 8. as part of the program ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors: Let’s Play!  This is a favorite film of mine inspired by my childhood fantasy of the bathtub turning into a boat and floating to the ocean.  My twin and I would survive on live fish and rainwater tea!  I will be giving a Q&A afterwards so I am really trying to lay off the cupcakes to look my best for y’all!  Hope you can come out for this special event.  Admission is free!  Please click HERE for more details.

Character Design: the Young Nephi


In my mind Nephi kicked off the Book of Mormon as a scrawny kid with big faith whose muscles had yet to catch up with his bravery.  Here he is ready to sneak onto Laban’s property.  I gave him slanted eyes to show that although he’s a righteous dude, he’s cunning when he needs to be…


Die Wicked Die: Teancum Video

Click on picture to watch video:

Halloween Cupcake Toppers

I made these cute ghosts for my comic class to use as cupcake toppers.  Just tape to a toothpick and you are good to go.  I suggest a chocolate cupcake because after all, ghosts love the dark, especially dark chocolate.

Click on the picture for a full size version if you would like to print off your own to cut out! 



He stole into the wicked king’s tent and pierced him through the heart without even waking a servant. In my animation I’m giving him the appropriate attributes of a ninja.  With trademark hairy legs.


Make Your Choice…

The knife with the curly blade is one I saw at at the Asian Civilization museum in Singapore.  It’s called a Kris, and is a ‘magical’ dagger originating in Southeast Asia.  These weapons appear in my short ‘Teancum’.  The main character gets to pick one and sneaks into the enemy’s camp to slay the king.

Animation: Shiz

Not for the little ones….  This is a true story from the Book of Mormon about two men named Coriantumur and Shiz.  Both unlucky in battle but one had an especially memorable and unfortunate end… CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH.

Arts and Religion Intersect at ‘BONCOM’

This year I was invited to speak as part of a panel at the Cooper Union on Saturday, October 13th fron 2-3:30.  The event is run by Bonneville Communications, the same people who created the ‘I Am A Mormon’ campaign.   In addition to Q & A I will present some video clips including new work and share how my faith influences my art practice.  All are invited to the panel, mormons and non.  If you would like to attend you must register in advance for this free event at this site.

Come cheer me on as I brave POWERPOINT!

Below:  Animation still:  Ammon saves the king’s flocks

Puppy’s Bar Mitzvah!

Our little boy has become a man… yes that’s right, Puppy now has his very own website! It’s  Come on by and grab a handful of candy, no costume required.

I have put up a lot of Halloween material just in time for the Great Pumpkin’s visit to earth.  Wouldn’t you like to stop by and see where Puppy lives?  xoxo annie and puppy

Vintage Indie Magazine Interview

Let’s get to the nitty gritty…  Just who is this cute tail-less poodle?  And are you interested in how my mom bribed me into memorizing famous painters?  Or maybe you want suggestions on making your first piece of art?  Click HERE  for my interview with Vintage Indie Magazine.

Official Product Page for Mormons at the Met

Official ordering and product info for my latest collaboration with Glen Nelson can be found here.


Peek into my studio…

Today I was doing an interview for a vintage inspired magazine and I took some pictures of some of my favorite things in my studio… here’s a little pic of some of the things I like to stare at all day! My brother in law once observed to me that my family tends to love ‘creepy little things’.  I don’t find these creepy but I can understand where he’s coming from…

The cotton statues are ‘Vintage By Crystal’, the framed picture is from ‘Natalie L’ete’s Paris postcards series. The stacking doll puppies are from my trip to Beijing. The little house is from my stay in Croatia as a missionary, and finally the little nutshell library is one of my favorite items, by the late Maurice Sendak of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Did you know that the title of his most famous book was once ‘Where the Wild Horses Are’, but Mr. Sendak couldn’t draw horses it turned out, so he just made the main characters ‘Wild Things’ instead!

Book Illustrations: Mormon’s at the Met

Finally I can tell you all about a wonderful project I worked on this summer with writer and bookmaker Glen Nelson. It’s called ‘Mormons at the Met’ and follows Glen’s personal passion for opera through an entire season at the Metropolitan Opera as he examines the performances of a group of LDS opera singers. This is a very fun book because Glen is so honest about his reactions to the performances, dissecting every moment from what it’s like to try to get tickets in the dawn rush, to moments when the singer just couldn’t reach that expected note, even describing deaths on the stage! I am still working my way through this book but would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about Opera in the Big Apple.

Glen asked me to illustrate the book and I am posting the picture I did for each opera as well as some behind the scenes. He has created a beautiful collector’s edition with multimedia as well as an original drawing by myself, the crowning piece being a beautiful silk book hand bound by Glen with a recessed label for the title.

Anna Bolena



Das Rheingold


The Enchanted Island


Die Walkure

Ink Drawing: War Horse

For my husband, whose Chinese Zodiac animal is the horse…

Inspired by the scene in ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ when the horse armor in an English museum comes to life and charges onto the field. It was a very creepy scene but it really stuck in my mind. There is a hidden hallway in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where you can find statues of armed horses like this charging down the center, with all sorts of warrior gear along the walls. I hardly ever run into it when I visit but when I do it is awe inspiring!

Vintage inspired custom greeting cards

A nice activity for a lazy long weekend… These are inspired by items I crave on Etsy.

My comic book is HERE!

I was shaking with joy when the doorman called me down for my special package today… it’s PUPPY! The compendium!  176 pages of glorious pastel colorful cartoons, glossy paperback cover, super happy super fun for everyone…

I spent two years drawing these comics which appeared every week on Fred  In this book young Puppy explores the Big Apple having grand adventures and always in pursuit of the beautiful but fickle ‘Miss Duck’.  Their relationship was sort of inspired by Schroeder’s crush on the little redhead (from Peanuts) and by every relationship I’ve ever been in!  Sometimes Miss Duck is me, sometimes she’s a friend (or enemy) but it’s always way too close to truth.  Find out if he wins her in the end!  Available on Lulu…

Hex Nut Friendship Bracelet Tutorial in Neon

Here is a revised version of the Hex Nut Friendship bracelet that works for women and men.  I designed this version and my sis made it for herself.  For instructions see the previous entry of the men’s bracelet tutorial.  But this time, use neon ‘Mason Line’ from the hardware store and smaller nuts, this time out of zinc  #8-32.  It comes in flourescent yellow and pink.  All available at Home Depot.  Be sure to tie the ends with tape while you are working, and to double up the strands on this bracelet so the nuts are not too chunky for the thin string.   I have to say it is a bit slippery once tied so you have to tie the large knot first, then tie the individual strands in mini knots with eachother for a secure fit.  Remember to leave extra line to tie around your wrist once again after the bracelet goes around.  Just looks good that way!

Sneaker Fest!

I customized these sneakers for my lil’ sis when she came to town this week.  Love the pearl details on the toes!

Goons chase the king’s flocks

Here’s how the movie is turning out…




Animation: Prepping to shoot some Lamanite goons

Creating paper cut-outs from the Book of Mormon story of the Lamanites who tried to scatter the king’s flocks.

Watercolor: Etsy Crave

This fellow is inspired by a broke-down looking horsie pull toy from the 1940’s. He looks just like our cartoons today!  I just put legs where his wheels would be.  Tally ho!

Watercolor: Stuff I want on Etsy

Making these watercolors is my midnight guilty pleasure…

Animation: Korihor

From my new animation:  Korihor, an Antichrist from the Book of Mormon, goes about trying to deceive the people.  Here I introduce him with a snake’s tongue to show the misleading nature of his words.  This animation fits into my ‘Die Wicked Die’ series.  In it, Book of Mormon villains are vanquished by spiritual superheroes filled with God’s might.  Below is Alma who will slap him silly in the next scene, making Korihor’s mouth fall off.

Discovering new talents Puppy?

My husband ironed sixteen dress shirts yesterday. I thought he deserved an award for his incredible stick-to-itiveness

My husband ironed SIXTEEN dress shirts yesterday!

I thought he deserved a little award for his incredible stick-to-itiveness.